SDN Series

SDN series Digital vernier caliper / Digital caliper available from 0-150 to 0-300mm range. Robust, hardened & ground SS jaws & beam. 9.6mm tall high contrast liquid crystal display. User friendly, 3V battery.

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  • Every gauge carries a calibration certificate giving actual values
  • Robust, Hardened and Ground stainless steel jaws and beam
  • Accuracy as per DIN 862
  • Attractive shape and elegant design complimented by uncompromising performance
  • 9.6 mm tall, high contrast Liquid Crystal Display significantly augments visibility and minimizes user fatigue
  • All three ranges of calipers are fitted with thumb-roller to improve quality of measurement
  • Easy and quick operation (user friendly)
  • Battery changeover is fast, easy and reliable
  • All three varieties of digital calipers are capable of External, Internal, Step and Depth measurement
  • Display refresh rate greater than 7 / sec
  • Power supply 1 Lithium battery, type CR2032, 3V, 220 mAh
  • Working temperature 5 to 40 °C
  • Max. slider speed 1.5 m/s

TypeReading Range Weight 
SDN100.01 mm/0.0005"0-150 mm /0-6" 145g
SDN200.01 mm/0.0005"0-200 mm /0-8" 170g
SDN300.01 mm/0.0005"0-300 mm /0-12" 210g