Wireless Data Acquisition


Baker provides a wireless data transfer system to transfer reading from Baker digital instruments and read out units to a centralized PC.



  • RS232 compatible Baker electronic measuring instruments, each equipped with a Wireless Transmitter (WT), can be interfaced to a Wireless Receiver (WR) at PC end
  • Small and compact wireless modules, easy to use
  • License free operating frequency (2.4GHz), ISM (Industrial Scientific & Medical) frequency band
  • RS232 interface
  • Wireless communication up to 250Kbps
  • In-built network security like: 128 bit AES (Advance Encryption Standard) Encryption, 16 bit customized Network ID
  • Supports Mesh network topology
  • Transmission range 100 meters, this depends on environment and clear line of sight
  • Transmission range can be extended using active Baker instruments fitted with Wireless Transmitters or Wireless Repeaters (WRP)
  • Very high receiver sensitivity and low power operation


  • If clear line of sight, between antennas of WTs and WR is interrupted, then one or more WRPs will have to be introduced
  • Number of WRPs that will be required for a networking project, cannot be ascertained at the beginning, and can be fully determined only during installation and commissioning