Thread Gauge Profile

We manufacture the following types of threads:

 prod_thred_prof_1  prod_thred_prof_8
 prod_thred_prof_2  prod_thred_prof_9
 prod_thred_prof_3  prod_thred_prof_10
 prod_thred_prof_4  prod_thred_prof_11
 prod_thred_prof_5  prod_thred_prof_13
 prod_thred_prof_6  prod_thred_prof_12

Please provide the following information to enable us to send a quote

  • Type of gauge (Thread plug or Thread ring)
  • Thread series (i.e. Metric, Unified, etc.) or thread angle
  • Diameter & pitch/TPI of the thread
  • Direction of thread (Right hand or Left hand) (Assumed Right hand if not specified)
  • Tolerance class
  • Lead or number of starts (Assumed single start if not specified)

PF, STI (Wire threads), NPSM, NPSC, NPTR, NPSH, NPSL, NPSF, NPSI, NGT, MJ, UNJF, UNJC, DIN 2999, DIN 158 are some of the other types of threads which we also manufacture.