Spline Plug Gauge, Spline Ring Gauge

Baker has collaborated with Spline Gauges of England to bring spline plugs and rings to the Indian market.

Spline Gauges is the world’s leading manufacturer of spline gauges and master gears. Its customers include leading global companies and their suppliers in the automotive, defense and aerospace industries, their OEMs and the precision engineering companies which support them.

Go and No Go spline rings, plugs and master gears are their speciality.

Together, we also offer:

  • Taper master plugs, straight/helical
  • Gear Artifacts
  • Spline plug and ring, straight/helical
  • Helical and spur master gears
  • Spline indicator ring and plug gauges


  • Vast unmatched experience backed by around 500 standards from across the world, ensures the gauges are designed to the correct standards and manufactured to the correct tolerances
  • Gauges are evaluated on a Gear Analyzer, which gives inspection charts detailing the errors
  • Profile errors and tooth alignment are maintained within the allowable tolerance, resulting in the accumulative gauge variation being well within the allowable percentage variation of component tolerance, which can be matched by very few gauge manufacturers
  • Low accumulative gauge variation results in gauge longevity, more tolerance for manufacturing, very low probability of component rework/rejection, leading to lower gauging cost/component, thus paying back the seemingly higher initial price
  • Gauges are certified by UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Equipped with latest CNC machines
  • Small rings are wire-cut for better quality and stability

SpecificationsSpline Plug GaugesSpline Ring Gauges
Standards:ISO (International), DIN (Germany),ANSI / AGMA (American), JIS (Japanese)
Min. diameter 5mm 5mm
Max. diameter 500mm 500mm
Max. number of teeth500500
Min. pitch 0.1 module 0.1 module
Max. pitch 25.4 module 25.4 module
Max. tooth length 300mm 150mm