Special Internal Micrometer – Special Applications

Although Bowers produce the most comprehensive series of internal measuring equipment available, not all applications can be covered by the standard instrument range. In line with the customer care ethos, Bowers have earned a reputation for manufacturing special heads for measuring non-standard applications. The following information illustrates some of the many difficult measuring problems easily solved by these special heads.

Screw Threads:-
To measure effective diameter of internal threads. Also available for pitch diameter measurement and major diameter measurement.
To measure diameter of internal grooves i.e. Oil Seal, ‘O’ Ring, Ball Race, Annular, Special form grooves.
Internal Splines
To measure between pin or between ball diameter of internal splines. 2 and 3 point heads available. Also available for minor and major diameter measurement. Anvils manufactured from tool steel.
Spherical Radius
To measure spherical bores. Gives good repeatability even when out of line with bore Centre. 2 and 3 point heads available. Preferred in case of deep hole measurement also.
Ball Screw Threads
To measure diameters of ball screw threads using ball anvils.
Deep Hole
To measure bores up to 2 meters deep with standard extensions.
Pneumatic system available from 50mm diameter for depths of
up to 15 meters.

Products on demand: Special heads for taper bores, bores with irregular spacing, Gun barrel heads, Automotive Hose heads, Slot width heads.