Sets of Mechanical Micrometer


  • Specifications : IS, DIN, ANSI & JIS
  • Spindle made from stainless steel for rust prevention
  • Measuring faces: carbide tipped, precision ground & micro lapped
  • An in-built ratchet in the thimble
  • Easy zero setting on sleeve
  • Sharp laser marking for better visibility & durability
  • Heat insulating grip plates cover the entire handling portion of the micrometer frame
  • Robust design withstands toughest workshop conditions
Measuring Range mmReading mm TypeMeasuring Range mmReading mm Type
0-100 (Set of 4)0.014MMC 1000-4" (Set of 4)0.001"4INC4
0-100 (Set of 4)0.0014MMC 100-10-4" (Set of 4)0.0001"4INC4-1
0-150 (Set of 6)0.016MMC 1500-6" (Set of 6)0.001"6INC6
0-150 (Set of 6)0.0016MMC 150-10-6" (Set of 6)0.0001"6INC6-1