Microprocessor based Twin Channel: 2043 Digital

  • 8 character, LED type, 7 segment digital display shows measurements either in absolute or comparative form
  • Exclusive 8-character alphanumeric dot-matrix type digital display for menu setting
  • Two metric & two inch measuring ranges


  • State-of-the-art technology with host of features, a must for today’s shop process quality engineering
  • Two level password, prevents unauthorized alteration
  • Multiple-level display intensity for operators comfort
  • Inch & metric measuring ranges
  • Static & dynamic measurement
  • Permits incorporation of complex formulae for probe combination
  • Display of tolerance and control limit status – supports process control
  • Classifies tolerance band into uniform or non-uniform tailor made grades
  • Permits menu entries up to 16 different settings for quick application changeover
  • Wide range of process control based electrical outputs facilitates automation
  • Auto calibration
  • Compatible with half bridge and LVDT type inductive measuring probe
  • RS232 based interface with real time tagged measurements
  • Aesthetically appealing, sturdy and ergonomic design, suitable for shop-floor applications
  • USB interface to PC and flash drive

Metric Ranges ±200 & ±2000 µm
Resolution0.1 & 1 µm
INCH Ranges±0.020 & ±0.200 inch
Resolution0.00001 & 0.0001 inch