Microprocessor Based Digital Gauge


  • Seven segment, 6 character, 3 colour LED display, ½ inch tall
  • Air-Electronic input from BAKER Air Plug and Ring Gauges (APG & ARG)
  • Two metric measuring ranges: 200µm (resolution 0.1µm), 2000µm (resolution 1µm), and two Inch measuring ranges: 20.0 thou (resolution 0.01 thou) & 200 thou (resolution 0.1 thou)
  • Measurement display in absolute or comparative form
  • Auto calibration with two setting masters
  • Keyboard entered upper & lower tolerance limits (UTL & LTL), applicable to the values displayed
  • Static or dynamic (max, min, average & TIR) measurements
  • Non-volatile storage of all menu entered values
  • Available in 1 / 2 / 3 or 4 independent channels
  • Combined advantages of non-contact air sensing and high precision electronics
  • RS232 data output available for further processing like machine control through relay output or for SPC