Go Spline Ring Gauge and Taper Master Plug

prod_gospline_ring_gaugeTaper tooth master plugs with fit and wear lines beautifully exemplify Spline Gauges’ exacting specialty engineering. These are used to monitor the wear of ring gauges during component manufacture. The ring gauge is ground to fit the master plug for original and replacement ring gauges.
SpecificationsVariable Spline Indicator Plug Gauge
StandardsISO (International), DIN (Germany), ANSI / AGMA (American), JIS (Japanese)
Min. diameter3mm
Max. diameter 350mm
Max. number of teeth500
Min. pitch0.1 module
Max. pitch25.4 module
Max. tooth length150mm
Typical Tolerances:
Total Spacing0.005mm
Tooth Alignment0.0025mm
Space Width0.005mm