Electronic Gauge: Twin Channel: 943 Digital

  • Large 1”, 3½” digits bright red LED display
  • 2 Metric and 2 Inch ranges


  • Twin channel gauge units with selectable probe combinations of +A, -A, +B, -B, +A +B, +A -B, -A +B, -A -B
  • Inch and Metric measuring ranges
  • RED, GREEN and YELLOW tolerance lamps for REJECT, ACCEPT and REWORK indications
  • RS232 data output
  • Comprehensive outputs for further processing
  • Compatible with Half-bridge and LVDT type inductive measuring probes
  • Sturdy, Ergonomic design, suitable for shop floor environment
  • Splash proof and sealed against dust
  • Add-on Modules available for various applications e.g. Light Grading Module, Relay Module, etc.
  • Mains supply 220 volts AC

Metric Ranges ±200 & ±2000 µm
Resolution0.1 & 1 µm
INCH Ranges±0.020 & ±0.200 inch
Resolution0.00001 & 0.0001 inch