Electronic Gauge Interface – Smart Probe Module

prod_elecgag_smrtprob_1 prod_elecgag_smrtprob_2


  • Interfaces with 4 / 8 Baker Half-Bridge inductive probes
  • The new Smart Probe module is equipped with probe signal conditioner as well as analog to digital conversion capability Therefore, now the computer does not have to be equipped with an
  • ADC interface card, as required by the old probe module
  • USB serial data communication between PC and Smart Probe module
  • Digital measurement value is data tagged with input and output Digital status, which eliminates requirement of a separate input / output interface card in the PC. 6 Digital inputs and 12 digital outputs (TTL compatible)
  • Compact size

For applications requiring more than 8 probes, two or more smart probe modules of appropriate input capability may be used