Electronic Gauge Interface: Multiplexer

The Baker Multiplexer is a simple measurement data transfer device. It serves as a hub for interfacing more than one Baker Digital input  (from digital instruments or digital readout units) to the PC for data acquisition, storage and analysis.


  • Up to 4 RS232 compatible Baker electronic measuring inputs can be interfaced to one 4 channel multiplexer
  • PC can access RS232 data from the four Baker electronic measuring instruments through RS232 Output port of the 4 channel multiplexer
  • Maximum distance between Baker multiplexer and PC is 2 meters, and that of Baker instrument to the multiplexer is 3 meters
  • Data from each Baker instrument is tagged by an unique ID to prevent data loss, corruption or mixing
  • Data Input port : 4 Channels (RS232)
  • Data Output port : One (RS232)
  • Data Output format : RS232 C
  • Data transmission method : Simplex or Half-duplex
  • Data transmission code : ASCII
  • Data length : 8 bits
  • Start bit : 1
  • Stop bit : 1
  • Parity check : None
  • Baud rate : 9,600 / 19,200
  • Power supply : 230 V AC
  • Dimensions : (W x D x H) : 235 x 245 x 90 mm
  • Optional Accessory : Foot switch

Data acquisition possible in following methods

  • By pressing data switch on digital instrument / digital read out unit
  • By pressing a foot switch
  • Calling command from PC to fetch data from the digital instrument / digital read out unit