Customised Gauging Solutions Introduction

Our customised multi-gauging solutions range from a simple multi level diameter checking to relational parameters like squareness, center distance etc. to Semi-Automatic to completely automatic inline multi-gauging machines. The process of realizing a customised gauging solution in reality is a complex and elaborate one. It consists of the following steps.

  • Enquiry from the customer: The customer plays a key role of providing the correct and vital information to us which forms the basis of conceptualizing the solution to the customer
  • Conceptualizing: At this stage our concept cell visualizes a solution to gauge the required parameters as per the enquiry
  • Design Approval: Once the concept is frozen, the design team makes an overall layout for the customer to verify whether there is any gap in the inputs at the enquiry stage and what has been put on paper
  • Design: Once the basic design layout is finalized with the customer, based on the concept , the design team gets down to make production drawings of the conceptualized gauging fixture. Constant interaction takes place between the two departments as well as with the customer to clear doubts etc.
  • Manufacturing: Individual parts are carefully produced as per drawings
  • Assembly: An experienced and skilled set of operators assemble the gauging fixture and give shape to the concept
  • In-house Gauge trials and tests: A separate applications team then takes over and conducts extensive trials on the gauging station and ensures the desired results are obtained
  • Customer joint inspection and approval: The output on the gauging fixture is jointly confirmed with the customer at our premises before it is shipped out

The customer plays an important role in this process. Each machine is one off and highly customised. It’s a whole new ball game each time. We believe the customer is the expert in manufacturing the part and can provide valuable inputs. Such a collaborative effort from both ensures a one way passage to success.

Over the years, we have manufactured many customised gauging solutions for a variety of components. Many of these solutions have become industry standard. This has been achieved through in depth Application Engineering exercises that we have carried out to understand the component and the manufacturing processes. This gave us the cutting edge needed to deliver total solutions to the satisfaction of the Customer. As a part of continuous technology development, the company also has developed expertise in computerised gauging with semi-auto and fully automatic gauging machines.

The following tips are useful when you send your requirement to us:

  • While specifying requirement, please give the complete drawing with all the dimensions to be measured properly highlighted, to our sales representative.
  • It is strongly recommended to give us a sample component and 3D model also, because what the drawing may not reveal is disclosed by the actual component and 3D model. Size, shape and weight gives a lot of information for designing a good gauge.
  • The gauge acceptance criteria should be discussed and agreed upon at the very beginning.
  • When ‘General Layout’ is sent to you giving overall scheme of gauging, please go through it carefully. If you have any suggestions, communicate to us as early as possible. Reconfirm all the dimensions carefully because in the interim period your drawing or process may have changed.
  • Please give sufficient time to manufacture. These projects are one off type.
  • During gauge installation, ensure that your operators who are going to use the gauge are properly trained in the usage.

  • Expert in-house team to handle your requirement right from Conceptualization, Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Trials and Testing
  • An experience of 50 years in gauging solutions
  • Imported, high precision machines like Hauser Jig Grinder and Borer to ensure high accuracy in manufacturing
  • A perfect combination of in-house developed software and electronics to ensure the solution is at par with international standards
  • Strong after sales and support service. We have our own sales and service employees across India to cater to our customers in person, whenever needed.
  • Expert and specialised partners overseas to ensure a complete solution is given to a customer for their most demanding needs