BAKER GAUGES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the field of dimensional metrology. We have embodied our wealth of experience and expertise in this fine science of measurement into our Calibration Laboratories, which are equipped with the most reliable and sophisticated world class measuring equipment available and operated under controlled environmental conditions. Our measuring equipment are periodically calibrated by National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi and our masters have National and International traceability.

We are confident that our calibration services can form the backbone of your Quality Assurance system.

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 calibration laboratories accredited by NABL, (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories), India, signatory to ILAC & APLAC MRAs.
  • Highly precision and reliable world class measuring equipment and reference masters traceable to national / international standards to ensure highest possible accuracy and our measurement uncertainties are comparable with some of the leading calibration laboratories in dimensional measurement.
  • Our measuring equipment includes:
    • SIP 550M Computer aided Universal Calibration and Measuring Machine with a resolution of 0.00001 mm
    • Carl Zeiss Universal Horizontal Metroscopes
    • Talyrond 210 with fully computerized data handling for roundness, concentricity, co-axiality, run-out and squareness
    • Rank Taylor Hobson Surtronic 4 +surface finish analyzer
    • Sigma high precision electronic outside diameter calibration comparator
    • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine – DEA make Model Micra 4.5.3
    • IBB Twin Check Length Measuring Machine with laser interferometer
    • IAC Master Scanner
  • Excellent Controlled Environment for calibration:
    • Temperature 20 °C ± 1 °C
    • Relative Humidity 40-60 %
    • Illumination 700 Lux at the point of measurement.
    • Dust Level 100,000 Class Dust Count (0.0005 mm particle size)
  • Well trained and experienced laboratory technicians.

BMI Division - Calibration Services - Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd.

HIPDivision - Calibration Services - Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd.

NABL Certified - Calibration Services - Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd.

NABL Certified - Calibration Services - Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd.

BMI Divison

1Ring Gauge & Snap GaugeØ1 mm to Ø400 mm
2Setting Disc, Plain Plug Gauge, Height MastersUpto 500 mm
3Plunger /Level Type Dial Gauge, Digital GaugeUpto 30 mm
4Electronic ProbeUpto 30 mm
5Bore GaugeUpto 1.2 mm (Transmission error)
6Digital/Vernier/Dial CaliperUpto 300 mm
7External/Internal Plain Taper GaugeUpto Ø 300 mm
8Surface RoughnessUpto 0.006 mm Ra
9RoundnessUpto Ø 500 mm and Roundness Deviation 1 mm
10Three point Internal Micrometer2 mmto 300 mm
11Height Gauge600 mm

HIP Divison

1Thread plug gauge1 to 400 mm
2Thread ring gauge1 to 350 mm
3Taper thread plug gauge1/16" to 10"
4Taper thread ring gauge1/16" to 8"
5External micrometerUpto 500 mm
6External diameterUpto 400 mm
7Internal diameter3 to 350 mm

Precision Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
Laser Length Measuring Machine

Automatic Photo Dial Calibrator
Thread Master Scanner

Precision Length Measuring Machine
Precision Length Measuring Machine

Precision Length Measuring Machine
Precision OD Comparator
Gauge Block Calibrator