Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance - Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd.

We, at Baker Gauges, have a team of dedicated and well trained people who offer service and support to all customers for repairs and maintenance of all Air Gauge Units, Air – Electronic units, Precision Measuring Instruments and Multi Gauging Fixtures.

We offer onsite support to customers, based on their request. Our team maintains a list of customers under AMC and provides them with scheduled maintenance visits as per their requirement. We also send all our customers timely reminders of the due date of servicing to take better care of all their equipment and keep them under the preventive maintenance schedule. This enhances efficiency and life of the customer’s gauging equipments and ensures only good quality production is dispatched out of their factories. Our aim is to provide the customer with better value for Money and full trust of using Baker products, for ensuring quality of production, in line with our customer’s requirements.